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Best time for Homeschool Testing

Wondering about the best time for homeschool testing? A lot of homeschoolers think they need to wait until they have finished homeschooling for the year to get good test results. They worry that their kids will be stuck answering questions designed for kids who have finished grade-level work or that their test scores will compare them to kids at the end of the school year. But with NWEA® MAP® Growth™, there is no reason to wait to get the data you need to take charge of your homeschool.

MAP Growth adapts to the student’s performance, across grade levels, and along several different sub-threads, so every child gets a test that fits them, no matter what curriculum you are using or where they are in it. Your score report will show you your child’s performance level in each sub-thread, and the skills they are ready to learn, so you can evaluate how they are doing with the material you have presented and decide where you might need to review or where it might be appropriate to increase the degree of challenge.

As an interim test, MAP Growth is designed to be taken in the fall, winter and spring and has norm groups for each season. That means that when a family tests with us in the winter, their kids are compared to kids in their grade in the middle of the school year. Even in the spring, the norms are set to the 32nd instructional week, roughly a month before the end of the school year.

Once you have your score report, you can adjust your curricula this year and know what to look for as you plan for next school year.

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