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Click on the red button to the right, or below, to start registering for a testing session.

2. Take a Screenshot of the Checkout Page

Fill in the required Billing & Checkout fields:

  • First Name REQUIRED
  • Last Name REQUIRED
  • Phone REQUIRED
  • Email REQUIRED

Leave the Credit Card field blank.

Take a screenshot of your checkout page like the example to the right, or below, these instructions.

DO NOT complete your checkout.

3. Get Approval from ClassWallet

Submit your checkout page screenshot to ClassWallet.

ClassWallet will approve or deny your order request and reach out to us.

4. Send Us an Email


Please include the following information:

    • ClassWallet: [YOUR STUDENTS NAME]
    • Parent/Adults First & Last Name
    • Parent/Adults Phone Number
    • Students First & Last Name

5. Wait for a Follow Up

Once we receive approval from ClassWallet we will generate a voucher for you. It may take 1-2 days.

We will follow up via email with your voucher code to use at checkout in the “discount code” field.

Complete your registration and you’re all set 🙂