Test in the Comfort of Home

Your child takes NWEA™ MAP® Growth™ assessment at home on your iPad, laptop, or Chromebook. We administer the test remotely, over the phone.

MAP Growth adapts to the level of the student as they test, giving each learner an assessment that’s appropriate, whether they are working at, below or above grade level, or a mix of all three.

Available Anywhere in the USA

We serve homeschool families across the United States. Our assessment meets requirements for homeschool testing in many states, including Washington, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

“The Most Detailed Score Reports”

Our score reports are designed by an experienced homeschool parent with homeschoolers in mind.

In addition to percentile rankings, you will receive Lexile levels, the grade level for which your child’s performance is typical, and 30-60 pages of learning statements to show you what your child is ready to learn.

See our Sample Score Report for yourself! 

This process was a breeze! Truly.

Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curly, My Little Poppies

We LOVE Affordable Homeschool Testing Services LLC for our family.

Affordable Homeschool Testing Services makes it super easy, keeps it affordable, AND gives you so much valuable information.

…a seriously stress-free testing experience.

Emily Copeland, TableLifeBlog

Online Homeschool Testing with NWEA MAP Growth

MAP® GrowthTM is a nationally-normed interim assessment by NWEA® used in many public schools and now available to the homeschool families. This computer-adaptive test adjusts to your child’s performance as they take the test, whether they are working on, above, or below grade level. Because MAP Growth is tailored to your child’s learning level, it can precisely measure their academic performance and track growth efficiently. Test on Monday and Tuesday, and on Friday you’ll receive a thorough report designed specifically for the needs of homeschool parents, including the specific skills your child demonstrated in the test, what they are ready to learn next, and where they stand compared to current academic standards. Book online homeschool testing with us today!

Available anywhere in the US, including Colorado COFlorida, FL Georgia, GA, Hawaii HI Minnesota, MN, New Hampshire, NH, North Carolina, NC, Ohio, OH, Pennsylvania, PA, Washington, WA, Virginia, VA