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5 Tried & True Homeschool Math Programs

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is “what is your favorite homeschool math program?” and like everything in homeschooling, that depends, Here are five solid choices, and when I would recommend each of them.

  1. Saxon Math— a spiral K-12 math program that homeschoolers have been using for ages. Easy to find used at homeschool book sales. For: A great homeschool math choice for middle-of-the-road and struggling math students. Maybe not: More practice questions than some strong students need. 
  2. Singapore Primary Math— a mastery-based K-5 math program designed for the government of Singapore, but loved by homeschoolers. Has fewer practice questions than Saxon. Inexpensive & easy to use. For: A great homeschool math choice for strong and average math students who want to do their math and move on with their day. Maybe not: There may not be enough practice questions for struggling students. 
  3. RightStart Math— a hands-on K-7 program that focuses on numeracy and deep understanding. Features lots of manipulatives and games. For: This homeschool math program is a perfect fit for families that want to explore math in lots of ways, and kids who may not be neurotypical. Maybe not: Requires a significant amount of prep time each week. 
  4. Beast Academy/Art of Problem Solving— Designed for advanced students, these programs are great for kids who love math. Beast Academy (grades 1-5) looks like a comic book and covers the basics along with lots of extras. Art of Problem Solving (pre-algebra through calculus) offers text-heavy textbooks that cover their topics rigorously. For: Great content for math lovers. Maybe not: Kids who struggle with the basics might be better off with a more conventional program. 
  5. Mr. D Math— An online homeschool math program for grade 5 through Pre-Calc. A great choice if you don’t want to teach math. My personal favorite for high school math– my kids like the classes and come away with a clear understanding of the material. For: Great quality courses. Opt for live classes for some outside accountability, or self-paced for flexibility. Maybe not: It’s expensive, and many assignments are self-graded, so kids have the option of cheating. 

Along with a solid homeschool math curriculum like these to avoid any holes in their learning, we recommend MAP Accelerator for individualized instruction. MAP Accelerator helps homeschool kids grow academically by giving them the right level of challenge.