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Step Up For Students (SU4S) provides scholarships to homeschooling families in the state of Florida to purchase school related materials.

Families can purchase materials through MyScholarShop or through the vendor directly and then submit proof of payment for reimbursement from Step Up For Students.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions on this page to help.

Please peruse these FAQs and contact us with any additional questions!

Frequently Asked Questions


Homeschool Boss is an approved SU4S vendor. Search the Marketplace for “MAP” and then look for our red logo.


NWEA MAP Growth aka NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is an accepted assessment in the state of Florida. 

MAP can be found as #9 on the Florida Department of Education’s Annual Assessment Requirement approved norm-referenced assessments list here


The Personalized Education Program (PEP) scholarship requires families to submit score reports from a norm-referenced test to their scholarship-funding organization (SFO) once a year. Your SFO is Step Up For Students. 

MAP can be found as #9 on the Florida Department of Education’s Annual Assessment Requirement approved norm-referenced assessments list here.

Step Up For Students has provided a web page with instructions for accessing the Education Market Assistant (EMA) and MyScholarShop.

They can be found here

You will need an itemized receipt to submit for reimbursement. Please send us a request for an itemized receipt at SALES@HOMESCHOOLBOSS.COM.

Have you received your voucher code yet?

No, I just purchased the tests, when will I get the voucher?
Please allow us 24 hours to process the request.

No and it’s been more than 24 hours since purchasing – help?
Please reach out to us via SALES@HOMESCHOOLBOSS.COM and we will see what the delay may be.

Yes and I am ready to schedule my tests – how? 
Follow the instructions below.

  1. Click here to start your registration.
  2. Enter your email address and select “I am a homeschool parent booking for my children”.
  3. Enter your students information.
  4. If you purchased Language Usage and/or Science, make sure to make those selections on each students info card.
  5. If your student needs text-to-speech accommodation, please make sure to check the box for that option.
  6. Click NEXT to select your dates and times.
    Please note: Each subject must be scheduled on its own day to complete registration. On test day, we can accommodate more than one test – just let us know day-of.
  7. Click NEXT for Billing and Checkout.
  8. Do not enter any credit card information.
  9. Enter your voucher code(s) in the discount code box; make sure to click APPLY.

You will immediately receive an email with general instructions. 

Purchasing with a MyScholarShop voucher?

Please see FAQ above. 

Planning to submit proof of payment for reimbursement?

  1. Register for testing here.
  2. When your order is complete, send us a request for an itemized receipt.

Request an itemized receipt from us by email at SALES@HOMESCHOOLBOSS.COM

Follow the instructions outlined on Step Up For Students Reimbursements page.