Testing For Groups, Microschools, and Small Private Schools

Are you looking for affordable, contract-free testing that will accommodate your group, microschool, or small private school?

If you answered yes, you have come to the right place!

Homeschool Boss is proud to provide MAP® Growth™ testing for individual homeschoolers, small homeschooling groups, and microschools.

Benefits of Group Testing

Simplified paperwork →

Small Groups

  • You choose your dates and times.
  • A private registration page for your group.
  • Homeschool Boss will roster your students.
  • Parents or Guardians pay individually for their student.
  • Score reports are delivered directly to parents or guardians.

Micro and Small Schools

  • You choose your dates and times.
  • A private registration page for your group.
  • School Coordinator registers their students.
  • School Coordinator collects payment from parents.
  • School Coordinator will distribute score reports to parents.

in-Person or Remote

We've been offering remote testing for years.
We can support group testing whether you are meeting in person or remotely - no need to commit ahead of time.

No Financial Commitment

We are bridging the gap between testing services and homeschooling groups by having our own contract with NWEA® to provide these tests directly to you! That means no expensive contracts for you!

ideal for special needs & Gifted Children

Untimed MAP® Growth™ assessments from NWEA® adapt across grade-level to meet students where they are.
Many accommodations are available, including the "game-changer" text-to-speech feature.

"Most detailed score report"

Your group members will love our score report! We include percentile rankings, Lexile level, "typical of" grade levels, and 30-60 pages of learning statements to help you plan future curricula.

Pricing for any size Homeschool group

Frequently asked questions

Group Testing:
Students’ parent(s) or guardian(s) are in control of their registration and payment. Results will also be directly accessible to the parent or guardian.

Microschool Testing:
The testing coordinator of the microschool is in control of registration and payment for all students. The testing coordinator will distribute students’ test reports to their parent or guardian. 

We don’t require incorporation or 501c3 status. If you are a group of homeschooling families in the United States, we are happy to work with you!

If necessary, we will work with you to schedule make-up days during the same test season. 

You may test 3 times each school year, once in each testing season.

Our testing seasons are:

Fall: Mid-August—November

Winter: December—February

Spring: March—Mid-June