Fall testing begins July 25, 2022 and carries through November 23rd, 2022 🍂
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MAP Growth Subject Options & Fact Sheets

At Homeschool Boss, we provide MAP® Growth testing for homeschoolers. Whether you need MAP testing for kindergarteners or older students in the 12th grade, we’ve got you covered. 

The fact sheets below provide an overview of the sub-topics that are covered on each assessment level of the MAP Growth subject options of math, reading, language usage, and science.

Homeschool Boss carries extensive years of experience in the online homeschool testing industry. We are proud providers of the award-winning MAP Growth Test.

There are three levels of MAP® testing for homeschoolers:

MAP Growth K-2
MAP Growth 2-5
MAP Growth 6+

When you register a child for testing their appointment will default to the assessment designed for their grade level.

Second-grade is recognized as a transitional year for reading, therefore we ask our clients to indicate if their students are pre-readers or readers to determine if they will take the K-2 or 2-5 assessments.

Math & Reading

MAP Growth K-2

Designed for kindergarten through second-grade students. The NWEA MAP test for Kindergarten – 2nd grade is designed for those who are not yet independent readers. This test includes audio-support that allows non-readers to test independently.

MAP Growth 2-5

Designed for second-grade students who are reading independently and third-grade through fifth-grade students.

MAP Growth 6+

Designed for sixth-grade through twelfth-grade students.

Language Usage

MAP Growth Language Usage 2-12

An optional addition to the students in the 2-5 and 6+ level assessments.


MAP Growth Science

The optional add-on science assessment is available for third-grade through twelfth-grade students. 

If you need more information about MAP Growth testing for homeschoolers and the levels that would be the best fit for your children, please read our transition guide for gifted and advanced students and/or email us at [email protected] with any questions.