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MAP Testing for Homeschoolers

There are three levels of MAP® Testing for homeschoolers: MAP Growth K-2, MAP Growth 2-5, and MAP Growth 6+. When you register a child for testing, their appointment will default to the assessment designed for their grade level. Second-grade is recognized as a transitional year for reading, therefore we ask our clients to indicate if their students are pre-readers or readers to determine if they will take the K-2 or 2-5 assessments.

MAP® GrowthTM K-2 mathematics and reading assessments are designed for kindergarten through second-grade students who are not yet reading independently. Includes audio-support that allows non-readers to test independently. For detailed information see: MAP® GrowthTM K-2 Mathematics Fact Sheet and MAP® GrowthTM K-2 Reading Fact Sheet.

MAP® GrowthTM 2-5 mathematics and reading assessments are designed for second-grade students who are reading independently and third through fifth-grade students. For detailed information see: MAP®GrowthTM 2-5 Mathematics Fact Sheet and MAP® GrowthTM 2-5 Reading Fact Sheet.

MAP® GrowthTM 6+ mathematics and reading assessments are designed for sixth through twelfth-grade students. For detailed information see: MAP® GrowthTM 6+ Mathematics Fact Sheet and MAP®GrowthTM 6+ Reading Fact Sheet.

MAP® GrowthTM 2-12 language usage assessment is an optional addition to the 2-5 and 6+ level mathematics and reading assessments. For detailed information see: MAP® GrowthTM 2-12 Language Usage Fact Sheet.

If you need more information about MAP® testing for homeschoolers and the levels that would be the best fit for your children, please read our transition guidance for gifted and advanced students, and email us at [email protected] with any questions.