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MAP Accelerator for Homeschoolers

Grades 3-8

Using MAP Accelerator for homeschoolers is an excellent way to accurately test students’ academic knowledge.

Here are a few reasons to consider using MAP Accelerator: 

Uses Trusted MAP Growth Data

Individualized learning programs are only as good as the data they use. MAP Growth data is trusted by schools and teachers across the US to accurately show them what students are ready to learn.

quality instruction from Khan Academy

Within each instructional pathway, your child will work on practice problems with immediate feedback and fun celebrations of progress. If confused, learners can ask you for help or access hints, instructional articles, and videos on MAP Accelerator.

Truly Grade independent

While it is limited to grades 3-8, MAP Accelerator can access material from kindergarten-level through high school, and each child can be at different levels in each instructional pathway, giving them a truly personalized learning program.

as little 30 Minutes a week

MAP Accelerator for homeschoolers is intended for 30+ minutes of active student learning per week, used in addition to your regular math curriculum. This provides your child the opportunity to work on personal growth goals without requiring excessive screen time.

Frequently asked questions

Students in grades 3 through 8.

To create an account for MAP Accelerator you have two options:

(1) Subscribe at time of booking or

(2) Subscribe after booking from within your Client Portal (click here for instructions)

Month-to-month access to MAP Accelerator is $5 per month.

A year long subscription to MAP Accelerator is $50 per year.