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Shopping for homeschool Black Friday deals? Act now to get our best prices of the year!

Homeschool Black Friday

We are offering $20 off your booking of NWEA MAP Growth assessments for your family. These computer-adaptive assessments show you what your kids’ know and what they are ready to learn, and with our Black Friday savings, they are even more affordable! We book up to 3 months in the future, so you can test now, or wait until after the holidays.

To take advantage of our Homeschool Black Friday offer, use the coupon code BlackFriday20 when you book testing. But don’t wait too long!

MAP Growth assesses students in reading, math, language usage, and science. As a national norm-referenced achievement test, MAP Growth meets requirements in most states with a homeschool testing law, and our clients tell us we are the easiest way for homeschool families to assess their kids, and we offer the most detailed reports, just days after testing is complete!

Your MAP Growth score report will include percentile rankings comparing your child to their peers based on grade and season, so there’s no need to wait until the end of year to test. We also include RIT scores, Lexile range, and typically 30-60 pages of learning statements to help you individualize instruction. See a sample report.

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