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Top Reasons Why Parents Homeschool Their Children

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Top Reasons Why Parents Homeschool Their Children

The number of homeschooled students in the United States has seen exponential growth in the last ten years. Homeschooling your child can offer many benefits, from improving your child’s social skills to creating a positive learning environment.

Here are the top reasons why parents homeschool their children.

Positive Learning Environment

The ability to create a positive learning environment can be attractive for parents considering whether to homeschool their children. Many people feel concerned about the adverse effects public schooling can have on their kids. Bullying is a big issue, but it can be hard to see unless your child tells someone. Diminishing self-esteem, insomnia, and lower grades can be indications that your child is experiencing bullying.

School violence is another concern pushing parents to homeschool children. Furthermore, overcrowded classrooms and excessive homework can also hurt a child’s learning environment. With homeschooling, parents can eliminate all these factors.


Despite assumptions that homeschooling would stunt a child’s social skills, the opposite is true. A homeschool environment is flexible and can include excursions into town instead of long hours of sitting through lectures. Exposing your kids to historical sites, museums, and volunteer opportunities will enhance their socialization while making them well-rounded individuals.

Learning Disabilities

One of the top reasons parents homeschool their children is to provide a specialized curriculum for students with learning disabilities. Public schools offer limited resources, making learning unnecessarily difficult for children with disabilities like dyslexia or ADD. But even if you homeschool, public school programs, such as speech therapy and art classes, are still available for your family.

Trained professionals should evaluate and diagnose learning disabilities. But you can monitor your children’s academic progress with tests, such as a 2nd grade MAP test.


One of the most significant challenges to a child’s learning is frequent moving. Homeschooling can keep their learning consistent if your career requires you to move often. With a flexible homeschool curriculum, parents and students can stay on top of the students’ academic journeys regardless of location.

To learn more about homeschooling your children, contact us at Homeschool Boss with any questions!