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Math & Reading $60

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NWEA MAP Growth Test Online

MAP Growth for Homeschool
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Welcome to Homeschool Boss!

We provide NWEA® MAP® Growth™ tests — MAP Growth tests are completed 100% online, at home, at a time convenient for you.

Whether you’re a homeschooled individual, part of a homeschool group, or run a private school, Homeschool Boss offers everything you need to fulfill your nationally-normed, standardized testing needs.

MAP Growth tests are used by over nine million students in the United States and utilized by over 140 countries worldwide. The NWEA MAP test is designed to adjust to each student’s responses, making the test easier or more difficult depending on how accurate the student’s responses are.

Our online homeschool testing encompasses math, reading, language usage, and science options.

Math is available for grades K-12.

Reading is available for grades K-12.

Language usage is available for grades 2-12.

Science is available for grades 2-12.

As of October 2023:
We now offer MAP Reading Fluency!

How Your Student Will Benefit

MAP Growth tests are adaptive, cross-grade, and achievement-focused. An adaptive test means that your student will experience a test that flexes with them as they answer each question. Each test level provides challenging questions with the potential to go above grade-level to adequately measure your student’s current knowledge level.

Nationally-normed and standardized – A norming study takes places every few years to ensure that MAP Growth assessments are using precise measurements that are congruent with current education standards to measure your students achievement. What this means is your student is being compared with students from all over the United States who participated in the most recent norming study. The most recent study was published in early 2020.

100% online and at home – all you need is a computer or an iPad, no need to hassle with paper test materials! Your student will be able to take their tests in a comfortable, familiar environment.

How Parents, Teachers, and Tutors Will Benefit

As a parent, teacher, or tutor you can rest assured that the test your student is taking is up-to-date with current standards and will be able to accurately measure what they have achieved in their studies and provide insight into the areas of a subject that they need more practice with.

You will receive detailed reports for every subject your student completes. The reports will include their RIT score, their percentile ranking, their Lexile Level (reading only), and 30-60 pages of personalized learning statements. You will be able to use the learning statements to build or modify your curriculum to meet your students’ needs.

We are here to support you and your student through the entire testing process.

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About Us

Homeschool Boss is a tiny but mighty team based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We provide NWEA® MAP® Growth™ testing for individual homeschoolers, small groups, co-ops, and microschools in the United States. We are very excited to help you and your students’ grow!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the testing that you need to both fulfill the legal requirements of homeschooling in your state and to provide the most accurate assessment available of your students’ progress to guide the planning of your homeschool curricula. 

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