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What Is the MAP Test and What To Expect

So, what is the MAP test and what should you expect? Our goal is to provide homeschool families with a stress-free MAP Growth testing experience and homeschool testing resources that are convenient and comfortable. Our tests provide useful results for students, whether they are working at, above, or below grade level (or a mix of all three).

We believe taking MAP Growth testing at home is a superior experience for most homeschool families whether they are testing for placement, peace of mind, or to meet state requirements.

This is what you can expect from your testing experience ↴

Tests are untimed and taken at home at a time most convenient for you and your family. 

Students’ will take the test on their own computer or iPad.

Breaks are encouraged!

Your student(s) will start back in the test where they left off – no need to worry about losing their progress.

Breaks over 15 minutes will need to be reconfirmed by a proctor – so just give us another call.

We recommend scheduling one test subject per day – this will limit your students’ fatigue.

On average, it will take 45 – 60 minutes per subject to complete testing.

The Week Before Testing ↴

Your proctor will email you with helpful information about what the MAP test is and how to prepare for testing, and they will provide preliminary login links and testing information. Please read the provided information carefully and talk to your child(ren) or students about what to expect.

Try a Practice Test ↝ HERE
Use the following credentials to login:
Username: grow (must be all lowercase)
Password: grow (must be all lowercase)

Make sure your devices and browsers are ready to go!
Follow the requirements below:

You will need to allow a pop-up window for testing!

Need help disabling your browsers pop-up blocker? Look here!

Use Chrome browser (Download Here)


NWEA MAP Growth App for iPad (Download Here)

Using an Apple device?

Computers must be running on OS X 10.14 or newer

iPads must be running on iOS 13 or newer

Test Week

Test Days 

Call in at your appointment time and your proctor will explain test procedures and help you log in to the test.

Your proctor will be available throughout the day to support your testing.

MAP Growth is entirely untimed for all students.

We encourage taking breaks when needed, whether it’s a simple call of nature, a snack break, or time running around in the backyard.

While your proctor is happy to answer yours or your child’s questions, it is not necessary for your child to interact with the proctor (but we love to say hi!)

After Completing Testing

One to two days after testing is complete you will receive a detailed score report that shows you how your child compares to other students. This will also show what they know and what they are ready to learn.

You can feel confident in the percentile rankings on your score report because NWEA conducts norming studies frequently—every three years—ensuring that the comparisons reflect current standards and demographics. They  continually refine their best-in-class research model to make NWEA norms more accurate than any other.

Post Homeschool Testing Resources

We encourage you to use your MAP Growth results to set goals for the coming year.

You can also use your MAP Growth results to find resources to teach your child at their learning level.

A few options are:
Khan Academy’s MAP Growth Recommended Practice Tool

Readwork Digital – free reading comprehension lessons
Homeschooling for Growth – our Facebook community with even more MAP Growth aligned resources
Homeschool Boss MAP Resource Forum
Homeschool Boss Blog

If you’re still wondering what the MAP test is and what to expect, contact Homeschool Boss today.