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Homeschool Option in Virginia

While homeschooling is a legal form of education throughout the United States, each state has its own take on how individuals need to conduct this form of education. The homeschool option in Virginia is contingent on a number of factors. First and foremost, to be able to begin homeschooling in Virginia, a parent must submit a notice of intent (NOI) to homeschool at the start of the school year. The parents will also have to keep records of their children’s progress, and guardians must submit this progress report at the end of the school year.

While some states only require a simple NOI, to have the homeschool option in Virginia, one must ensure their NOI contains more details. The following is the information one needs to include in an NOI in Virginia:

  • Description of curriculum
  • Which option do you qualify as to be a homeschool instructor?
  • Proof of qualifications

Regarding curriculum, Virginia does not require a formal one, and you don’t have to provide info on texts, unit plans, or even the scope of the curriculum. You must, however, provide a list of subjects that you plan on teaching your child.

Now, not everyone in Virginia has the qualifications to teach homeschoolers. To know if you qualify, you must meet one of the following options:

  • High school diploma
  • Teacher certification through VA Board of Education
  • Can provide and facilitate a formal program of study
  • Other evidence that shows you can provide adequate education to your homeschoolers

Similar to many other states, Virginia has several homeschool organizations that were created to help parents successfully homeschool their children. Two of the most prominent of these organizations in Virginia are the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) and the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers.

If you have any questions about the homeschool option in Virginia, please give our customer service team a call at 844-746-2677.