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Alaska Homeschool Laws

Looking for homeschooling requirements for Alaska?

Here’s what you need to know. 

Black outline of the State of Alaska

Homeschool Testing Requirements in Alaska

Alaska, also known as the Last Frontier State, is the largest state in the USA. The population in Alaska is so spread out, with some families in very remote areas, that it makes public schools difficult to reach. So, without access to schools, a lot of parents seek to homeschool their children—but many wonder how to homeschool in Alaska.

When it comes to considering homeschooling in Alaska, you should know that in 1997, the Alaska state legislature passed Senate Bill 134. This bill created a homeschooling option that did not require a notification or assessments. Basically, this bill created deregulated homeschooling in Alaska.

Now, you might be thinking this is all great information, but you want to know how to homeschool in Alaska. So, let’s talk about the four homeschooling options offered to students in Alaska.

The four different options are:

  1. Homeschool statute

This option is a very lax choice in Alaska. There are no requirements—no notification, parent qualification, instruction time, subject, bookkeeping, or assessment requirements.

2. Correspondence program

These programs require annual education plans, monthly teacher contact, quarterly progress reviews, and testing after grades three through 10. This option does offer education funding and official diplomas.

3. Private tutor

For this option, parents must have a teaching certificate and instruction “comparable to that offered by the public schools in the area.” While a parent must be certified, there is still no need for notification, hours of instruction, bookkeeping, or assessment requirements.

4. Private school

This option includes operating a homeschool as a private school and requires annual notice, 180 days of education (similar to that offered by the public schools), attendance, immunization, academic records, and examinations after grades four, six, and eight (scores not submitted).

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